Rodix FC-90 Plus Series Controls are used to operate vibratory bowls with part sensing, and storage hoppers fitted with electronic bowl level detectors. The 12VDC power supply and sensor time delays are provided by the control. The demand cycling of the bowl or hopper is controlled by the sensor's output signal processed through the time delay settings inside the FC-90.
The FC-40 Plus Series of controls have been redesigned to include the features of the now obsolete FC-40-PLC Plus Series including line voltage compensation, 4-20mA and 0-5vdc amplitude control. Typically used for vibratory bowls, storage hoppers and linear inline feeders, the FC-40 Plus Series is designed to run continuously or can be demand cycled by a PLC. Standard features include a soft start adjustment, minimum and maximum output adjustments and full wave/half wave selector switch. 120VAC models are available in 15 and 30 amp packages; 240VAC models are available in 8 and 15 amp packages.
The Autotune Series of Rodix variable frequency feeder controls are ideal for vibratory bowls, storage hoppers and linear inline feeders. In addition to controlling the amplitude, the Autotune Series will also vary the frequency allowing the feeder to operate at its resonant frequency. A feeder operating at its resonant frequency will perform more efficiently, last longer, save on maintenance costs and consume less power. We offer the Autotune Series controllers in four sizes; the VF-3 (3 amp), VF-9 (9 amp), VF-12 (12 amp) and VF-18 (18 amp). Dual and triple units are also available.
The Rodix FC-200 Plus Series Feeder Cube is a completely digital control based on the same proven durability as the FC-90 Plus Series. All of the set up adjustments are done through the keypad on the front cover. With an easy to read LCD display, you can precisely adjust the feed rate and know the status of the sensor and auxiliary output. UL and cUL approved. CE marked units available.
Rodix FC-70 Series Controls are used to operate small vibratory bowls, storage hoppers and inline linear feeders. This control family is typically used on loads that run continuously, but can be demand cycled by a PLC machine control or parts sensor which has its own built-in time delays and power supply.


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