Bowl feeders and especially  power tracks must be mounted on a solid surface.

Nothing should touch the bowl or base.

Nothing should be added to the bowl (changes turning).

If a sudden change in feeding characteristics occurs, look for :

•Part change, i.e. dimension (or new supplier), plating change, burrs.
•Controller failure, check with another controller (must be rectified or unrectified as original controller).  Controllers can only be repaired at the factory.
•Broken spring, look for cracks near bolts, remove springs to be sure.

If a gradual change in feeding characteristics occurs, look for:

•Loose screws, especially spring bolts.
•Oil under the rubber feet.

Check coil gap - armature must come close but not hit.

A B Series unit, if re-assembled must have the armature and coil laminations lined up.

Spring bolts must be tight and not too long or short, spacers are required between springs and against the cross-arm and bottom spring mounts.

Bowls cannot be changed without retuning base.

60 Hertz units need fewer springs to run on 50 Hertz.


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